House Rules And Regulations


  • Your stay in villa begins at 16:00 hours of the first day of your stay and it ends at 10:00 hours of the last day. The last day of your stay is not included in the total number of days of your stay in the suite.
  • The time of night rest in the villa begins at 23:00 hours and lasts until 08:00 hours in the morning.
  • The guests are obligated to maintain peace and quiet at that time. During your stay in the suite, you can use all of the appliances within the suite.
  • The guests will be informed of the utilization of all of the objects, inventory and appliances in the suite and the guests are obligated to use all of the above with care. In case of damage or disappearance of certain objects or appliances from the apartment, the guest must, immediately, inform the owner of the suites and pay the value of damaged or missing goods.
  • The suites are being thoroughly cleaned before and after yourarrival.
  • The owner of the suites reserves the right, in case of special circumstances, to enter into the suite when necessary, although the guests are not in the suite in that moment, in order to prevent predictable and inevitable damage and/or danger (e.g. in case of flood, fire, bad weather i.e. when the shutters are not shut and secured etc.).
  • In case of such an entrance in the absence of the guests, the owner will duly inform the guests about the time and the reason of the intervention. Persons, who are not checked-in or registered as guests of the “Villa One ”, are not allowed to  sleep, or to stay overnight.
  • It is forbidden to bring weapons, illegal substances, or any other type of dangerous objects and substances into the suite.
  • We would be grateful if you would turn the air conditioner off whenever you leave the suite.
  • It is not allowed to smoke in the bedrooms. We recommend to smoke in the balcony. The smokers are kindly asked not to leave any cigarette buds in the suite, the house, in the yard, or outside of it; and to take all necessary precautions and safety measures in the prevention of fire for their own personal safety.
  • The guest is responsible for taking care of his/hers personal belongings and valuables. We ask you to comply  by these rules and regulations in order to make your  stay  in our villa more pleasurable.

We hope you will have a pleasant stay in Villa One!